CMS-3 Carbon Monoxide Monitor/Alarm


Introducing the Clemco CMS-3 CO Monitor. Small, portable protection for individual blast operator safety. The CMS-3 monitor detects carbon monoxide in the breathing-air supply and triggers audible, visual, and vibratory alarms when CO is detected in concentrations of at least 10 parts per million. The alarms alert the operator to an unsafe condition.



The Farrow System® / A revolution in sandblasting world


The Farrow System® is a revolutionary, environmentally safe, and cost effective surface cleaning method that quickly removes protective coatings, oxidation, and graffiti from most surfaces without damaging them.

Old methods commonly use dangerous chemicals or aggressive abrasives blasting at high pressures to clean a surface. These methods require solving containment and disposal problems, and often seriously damage the surface being “cleaned”.

The Farrow System® uses low pressure air, heat, water, and Farrow Green Clean® to work its magic. Farrow Green Clean® is a natural volcanic crystal that contains no chemicals or chemical by-products. And our highly controlled cleaning stream significantly reduces or eliminates airborne particle dispersal. The Farrow System® makes cleaning and cleanup safe, fast. and cost efficient.




CLEMCO cabinet


Now special offer :

CLEMCO suction cabinet, model Inex 3048 with 300 CFM dry filter and dust collector.



We can offer you a full range of sandblasting products such as :


  • Quick coupling : Clemco nylon or aluminum
  • Blast hose
  • Nozzle, nozzle holder
  • Sandblast cabinet : manual or automatic
  • Sandblast room
  • Blast machine remote control : pneumatic or electric (12 or 120 volts)
  • Dust collector
  • Safety equipment :
    • Helmet
    • Blast suit : leather or nylon
    • Ambient air pump
    • In-line air filter
    • Glass helmet : inner or exterior …
  • Pressure washer : hot or cold
  • Blast machine of different capacity, new or reconditioned
  • Bicarbonator soda blast machine





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