We distribute a wide variety of abrasives with various properties to cover all possible surface treatment applications.

See the available choices below.

Recycled Glass

Excellent for processing aluminum and stainless steel and use for paint stripping. High performance product for wet blasting (hydroblast, hydro-gumming, vapor blast).

Available in these grades: 10 / 20,20 / 30,30 / 60,60 / 140.

Hornet abrasive

A mixture of horn and garnet, this is one of the most efficient abrasives on the market, offering excellent money value.this product is a low cost disposal.

Available in these grades: 12 / 24,36,30 / 40,30 / 60 and 80.

Ebony grit (copper slag)

Products made from copper residue offering an excellent performance and a very low emission of dust, also consider a recyclable abrasive.

Available in grades 12, 14 and 20.

Glass beads

Abrasive strongly used in the automotive and ferrovar industry, the glass beads allows to create an aesthetic finish defined on stainless steel,aluminium or any other surface. It is a soft abrasive that does not damage metal surfaces. The glass bead is an abrasive which can be reused several times.

Available in grade: 30 / 40,40 / 50,50 / 70,50 / 80,60 / 100,70 / 140,100 / 170,170 / 325.

* we also sell the glass beads for road marking

Brown or white aluminum oxide

One of the most aggressive products on the market, use in a wide variety of applications (aeronautics, manufacturing, machining), this product is highly reusable when using in a sandblasting cabinet or blast room. White aluminum oxide is 100% pure.

The brown aluminum oxide is available in sizes: 20, 24, 30, 36, 46, 54, 80, 120, 150, 180, 220.

The white aluminum oxide is available in sizes: 20, 24, 30, 36, 46 and 54.

Steel grit

Abrasives heavily used in blast room and cabinet for descalling, it is the most recyclable product on the market, use in all forms of industry, especially railway companies and processing steel. Available in different hardness and angularity (gl, gh, gp).

The grades available are: 25, 40, 50, 80.

Steel shoot

abrasive use in for shoot peening, especially use in projection wheel machines for the cleaning of steel and removal of the surface layer on new steel. Highly reusable abrasive.

Available in sizes: S70 to S780.


Very efficient abrasive and very low dust to use for water jet cutting and sandblasting, interesting compromise versus aluminum oxide because the cost of the product is less expensive and possesses substantially the same technical characteristics.Product have a Low cost of and is reusable between 3 and 4x cycles.

Available in size: 36, 30/60, 80 and 120.

Sodium bicarbonate (soda)

Product mainly used for cleaning and restorating automobile, masonry, cleaning of monuments and decontamination after disaster, printing rollers, electronic card, product can be used dry or wet (hydroflex)

Available formula: maintenance xl, nitrium 260, hydroflex and profile (mix of soda and aluminum oxide)

Nut sheels and corn cobb

Biodegradable abrasives use to clean wood and also use in vibrating drums for the restoration of metal parts, very soft abrasives leaving a superficial profile. Use for cleaning of injection heads and other application where contamination must be non-existent.

Nut sheels available in sizes: 12/20,18/40, 60/200
Corn cobb available in sizes: 14/20 and 20/40