Philexpert distributes a wide variety of sandblasting equipment from various companies.

Here is an overview of our available products.

Clemco corp

We are an exclusive distributor for clemco corp for more than 30 years.

Clemco offers a wide variety of sandblasting products including:

  • Sand blasting pots
  • Sandblasting cabinets
  • Pre-assembled or custom-made blast room
  • Equipment for sandblasting and painting interior of pipes
  • Respiratory protection equipment

Philexpert in collaboration with clemco corp. Is able to complete all small and big projects intended for sandblasting!


Monti-tools offer a tools to complete an anchor profile up to 2.5 mil. Available in electric or pneumatic models with 11 or 23mm brush.

Versatile and handy tool to have in your tool box.


We also sell compatible parts going on schidmt equipment (valves, dosing valve, pop up valve, etc ...) and empire abrasive equipment.