Philexpert distributes a wide range of respiratory protection equipment from several well-known brands.

Here is an overview of our available products.

Clemco corp

We are offereing the clemco respiratory protection products. Those product are design to be use solely in the sandblasting industry.

Robust and reliable products.

Clemco offer : air adduction helmet, breathing air filter, comfort vest, climate devices, ambient air pump, blast suits and co detector.


Respiratory proctection products proudly distribute by Philexpert inc. Bullard is specialize for over a 100 years (1898) in offering reliable and innovative products.

Bullard stands out from competition by manufacturing safe user-friendly product serving all industries. Bullard is recognize globally as a leader of safety equipment.


We also distribute the products M.S.T. Including filter panel, filter case with co2 elimination, low pressure detection alarm and all accessories related to the treatment of breathable air for all types of industry where breathing air is used.

M.S.T distinguishes itself from the competition due to the fact that the filter elements contain much more activated charcoal and activated alumina allowing to increase significantly the lifetime of the filters and offering incomparable air quality.